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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Adios from PHOENIX

Ola Friends,

Here my ramblings continue. After exactly 3 months in this desert, it's time to leave & move ( again ).

The average temperature here has been around 110 Fahrenheit, which is 43 Celsius !!...Lagi panas dari Mekah. The good thing is the weather is DRY, not humid so you don't sweat as you do in KL. During the first 6 weeks I was here, Phoenix was terrorized by a Killer Sniper who had randomly killed more than a dozen people. So we have been advised not to go out at night, especially if alone. Apparently they think they have caught the suspect. Some interesting things I did during this period:

* Went to the Mini Grand Canyon in Sedona. Awesome landscape. Went on a Rough Jeep tour for 3 hours. By the time habis, tercabut segala sendi tulang.

* Salt River Tubing...As in 1 of my previous emails, this is where you & your friends sit on a TIRE, tie them up together, and flow along a river for like 3 hours whilst enjoying the scenery. It's a popular activity among college students here during their summer break. Full of music and drinks ( yes, they actually hire an extra tire to place their Stereo and Booze).

* Aircraft Desert Museum...This is where you see Hundreds of aircrafts lying in the desert. Includes jet fighters, commercial planes, NASA space shuttle and even JFK Presidential Air force 1 was on display. The dry heat here ensures that the planes don't get rusty. So it's like a cheap storage for unused airplanes.

* Watched a baseball game between Arizona Diamondbacks and another team...I must have now gone to more baseball stadiums than I have for any other sport.

* 4th July in Tempe...An American Institution & National celebration....we watched the firework display and the pesta in Tempe, another city near Phoenix.

* As with all American cities, one of the big attractions are the Shopping Outlets. The things are much cheaper than they are in London. In fact, baby & children clothes are much cheaper than they are in KL even ( if u refer to specific brands like GAP, Osh Kosh, Carters, Ralph Lauren ) etc. With $50, you can get a LOOOOOTTTTT if u know where to look.

My team mates left me after 2 weeks ( they went to Paris, New York, Connecticut ) so I have been left all alone in this city for the last 1 month. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't that bad and I started to go back to my old routine of dining alone, driving alone, sightseeing alone.
Now, tengah tidying up my desk, shredding all confidential documents & planning what to do for my last weekend in the state of Arizona.

One thing that I wanted to do but did not end up doing was going to Grand Canyon. It's only a 5 hour drive up north tapi macam malas pulak. Normally I am quite good at going everywhere tapi sekarang ni macam tak kuasa. My weekends are spent either in Phoenix or in Tucson ( 1.5 hours south) where I have a Malaysian friend who married an American. So time weekend, pegi stay over at their nice house surrounded by Cactuses ( am not kidding! )

Next plan ?

* Sunday, flying to Tampa, Florida for our Conference. Surprise, surprise, CAS always goes to Florida during the Hurricane season !! Hopefully the weather won't be too bad.

* Will be there for 3 days of conference + 2 days of manager training. Then fly to London on Saturday, 1st Sept.

* Btw, my parents are flying into London today to see their new granddaughter. So it will be a family mini-reunion which I am really looking fwd to.

* My next review will be based in London. So tak payah nak travel banyak. But the Audit Kick Off will be in Boston, so that is where I will be heading on Sept 5th. I am trying to avoid airports now especially after the recent scare in London. Malas nak kena "random" searched.

After 7 months in the "Land of the Free" ( 4 in LA, 3 in Phoenix ), time to leave and don't know if I will ever have another review in America. Tapi tak pe. Dah puas kuuuuuttt kat sini.

It's 10.30 now. Thinking of watching the Twin Tower Movie tonight.

All right people, talk to you later.

Hopefully tak de ribut taufan in Florida, or not, we will end up the whole time in the Hotel.


Fadli Riza Ramli

Joke Cikgu Anand

Rakan rakan yang dikasihi sekalian,

di jumaat malam ini, boring boring, sambil bergolek golek atas katil and surf the net, I came across website MCTA (Malay College Teachers' Association) yang dimanage oleh CIkgu Malek.
So sambil aku browse the link, I read that Cikgu Anand and Yatex have been in Ireland for the last 15 months sebagai Education Attache at the Malaysian High Commission in Dublin, Ireland.
Agaklah terkejut membaca berita itu ( tak de reason pun nak terkejut, saje je nak bagi drama ) and then sambil sambil browse in the net, ada lah pulak bagi phone number mereka berdua di Ireland. Tanpa berfikir panjang, aku terus mengangkat gagang telefon lalu memicit nombor tersebut. Suara lunak serak serak basah menjawabnya.

First first aku cuba main game "Guess who is this?" tapi lepas 10 tahun, aku sure diorang takkan tau siapa aku. Anyway, I introduced myself as Fadli to Cikgu Yati and then berborak lah kitorang for about 30 minutes.

But the reason for my email ini adalah berikut. According to Yatex, when they first arrived there and jumpa students students di sana, ada sorang ex budak koleq came to Cikgu Anand and introduced himself very excitedly:

Budak Koleq: " Cikgu Cikgu, I am bla bla and I was in koleq during your time"
Cikgu Anand: "Oh Ye ke ?"...( muka blur ) Budak Koleq: "Maybe you dont remember me because I actually came in Form 4. So I am a Burung"
Cikgu Anand: " Wow...Oh You Burung ?..You have flown very far from Kuala Kangsar to Dublin ! "
Budak Koleq: ( Muka dia blur buat buat gelak layan joke cikgu)

so kesimpulannya, u can take a budak koleq out of koleq, but u cannot take the Koleq characterisctics out of a budak koleq.

Aku rasa Rembell je kut yang gelak kat joke di atas.
Aku hanya mampu senyum sinis bila yatex told me the story.

Sekian saja bebelan hamba jumaat usual aku tak main 1 liner, biar panjang asal berisi (gadap, jangan ghairah ) dah dekat 1 pagi dah ni nak pi tidur.

Ini ada gambar in case korang nak "reminisce"....Its such a classic piece of history.