So How?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Missed Luggage

Kawan kawan ....
aku baru sampai New York about 4 hours ago dari Phoenix..
sampai sampai, bag aku tak de !
diorang kata, maybe it was missed and they will put it in the next flight to NY from Phoenix..
so here I am, dah after Midnight, tak de baju nak pakai untuk office, tak de baju tidur..
so how ???

they say that if they can locate the suitcase, it should be at the hotel around 7AM..
kalau tak, aku nak buat apa ?
tensionnnnnnnnnnn......some hotels ada bagi Bathrobe, so boleh lah guna tu untuk tidur.... ini hotel sheraton, bagi hangar je.
oklah, sekian bebelan aku atas sebab frust.
hopefully they will recover my luggage and I will have clothes to wear to go to the office.


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