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Friday, July 21, 2006


Boys & Girls (semua muda muda lagi kan )

After 4 days in Fairfield, Connecticut, our Mid Op is finally over !!...As usual, this is when each Extended CAS team has to present their audit findings, observations etc to the CAS VP...and as usual, the time & effort it takes to prepare the pitches ( YES, in Powerpoint of course with Blue FONT ) can be very laborious.

On Tuesday night, we were still prepping till midnight from the hotel. Anyway, alhamdulillah, the discussion went well and since yesterday I have been in a Merdeka type of mood.

I am flying back to KL ( after 9 months ! ) from Newark airport. Because of the flipping traffic into NYC, the 70 miles drive from Fairfield to Newark took more than 2 hours...memang buang masa duduk dalam kereta.As everytime I fly I nearly always miss my flight , so this time , I have been super Kiasu and arrived at Newark like flipping 3 hours in advance. So sekarang ternganga kat boarding lounge tak tau nak buat apa.

Apparently the MAS flight is very full and each seat, even in Biz Class are taken...who the hell flies to NYC from KL ? Kalau London tu logiclah jugak dengan students + parents for graduation + normal tourists. But I wouldnt expect the same full capacity for the NYC flights. Well, actually now that I look around the boarding lounge, I think most of the passengers are those who seem to have been settling down in US for a long time and now are going back with their young kids yang cakap mat salleh berhabuk.

The flight is going to be nearly 20 hours....Stop at Stockholm for 1 hour or so and then continue to KL...Alamak, itu dia the pramugari & pramugara tengah jalan macam buat fashion show towards the aircraft....I wonder how long the MAS cabin crew outfit has not been updated. The stewardess rambut semua sanggul tinggi tinggi macam Leaning Tower of Pisa.

OK, as u all can see, I am really membebeling here coz tak tau nak buat apa whilst I have another 1 hour to board.Actually I am very sleepy as I only slept 4 hours last night and hopefully will be able to catch some sleep on the flight.

Alright mates. better stop here if not these fingers can go on rambling forever.Hope to see some of u when I am back.

PS: My team are having a Bowling Tournament in New York, sibuk buat Inter-team tournament bla bla bla....kuasaaaaaaaaa..I told them so long, I am more interested in going home. Anti social or wat ?

Take care.
Newark Airport - 8.30 PM - Gate 55


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