So How?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona

Allo allo kawan kawan,

As some of you might have already known, I have started my new review about 2 weeks ago. I will be based here in Phoenix, Arizona for at least 2 months or it can go for the rest of the 3 months.

Some interesting facts about Phoenix:

  • Located in the state of Arizona...Famous State Senator, John McCain...In fact John McCain's office is about 5 minutes drive from the Hilton Resort we are staying.
  • This is a DESERT !..Temperature here is around 110 Fahrenheit during the day ( which is about 42 Celsius !! )...Awfully hot.
  • Air is VERY DRY...u get dehydrated easily and hence you just need to keep on pouring water down your throat.
  • GE biz I am auditing here is the GE Travel Center...i.e. all GE employees who make travel reservations for biz purposes, will have to book / coordinate their flights, hotel through this center. Definitely a very different & interesting biz to audit compared to the other traditional industrial or capital GE businesses.
  • City is full of Cactuses...and these are enormous...double my height...just everywhere.
  • 3-4 hours drive north and you will reach the Grand Canyon...I am not sure if it's going to be as hot as Phoenix.


  • Yesterday our team went to do a Salt River Tubing activity. Basically, this is where you take a BIG TIRE (as big as the ones you see on the commercial trucks ), you lie on this "TUBE" and then you let yourself float following the Current of the river. The whole journey takes between 2.5 hours to 4 hours depending on how far down the River you want to go.
  • Obviously, at some parts of the river, the current are very strong and there are "jerams"...donno what the English word is..basically very very low, shallow waterfalls where u fall as well.
  • It is not as dangerous as it sounds because the whole river is actually quite shallow, maybe 4 feet - 7 feet even if u fall, you still can walk / swim and try to catch your Tube back.
  • You can easily fall asleep laying on ur tube whilst absorbing the whole experience.

This is the best part of it all..

  • You can tie your TUBES together ( in our case there were 3 of us ) so that all of you flow down the river together during the whole journey and you don't get lost.
  • This is a typical American College Recreation...groups of 12 and even 20 people all in one big circle.
  • Beer consumption is rampant...they have an additional TUBE specifically to put their Water cooler so that they can drink beer all the way down the journey and by the time we reach the end, some of these guys are too drunk even to walk.
  • Unless you are not scared of losing your camera, you only use Disposable camera...We took many good photos of the scenery, the river and the many people tubing but the camera was soaking wet by the end of it..I am drying it and see if we can still develop the photos !
  • We are planning to go there again during Independence Day, July 4th...But I am sure it's going to be fully packed with people, not to mention the 110 Degrees temperature !...Most of them will be roasted & as red as a lobster by the end of it all.

I am spending the whole Sunday in my room, working, emailing, coz its too hot to flipping go outside anyway...and besides, we Malaysians are not very fond of TANNING in the first place. Not that I need it anyway.

So anyway, that is Phoenix...Definitely not a common place for GE CAS to send its auditors to but nevertheless a very different kind & type of experience. I'll let you know if I survive this heat for the next 2 months.