So How?

Monday, October 03, 2005


Hello my friends,

That is my new number in Melbourne...You guys can contact me there..tak payah nak bayar roaming charge yang mahal gila..

Hotel aku memang merompakkan....I made a local call to a mobile number in Melbourne..about 10 minutes and the cost came to nearly AUD $20 !!!...what a rip off !

Anyway, today we are moving to our new apartments...we all got single bedroom you all are more than welcome to come ( and sleep in the lounge... :))) )....I hope the couch in the lounge is a sofa bed..

In fact, this weekend, I might already have my first 2 visitors from Singapore !.. Planning to do a road trip along the Great Ocean Drive in Australia's south coast....excited or wat ??

Kalau nak datang, please inform me in advance so that we can arrange something in Ozzie Land!