So How?

Friday, July 29, 2005

This Weekend In Paris


FYI, Keng & Desmond are coming to Paris this I have friends finally in Paris !!!

how ??

For those of you who dont know Keng & Desmond...I did my CA training with Keng & Desmond is the husband...

so belated Honeymoon in Paris iz it ???

This weekend is "Paris Plage" which literally means " Paris Beach".. 2 miles of the River Bank along the Seine is filled with Sand to give the "atmosphere" that its a beach.. so semua orang like semi bogel and seriously sit there , tanning...and u have open door volleyballs ...konon kononnya habis Bondi Beach Sydney lah tu...

anyway, so that will be mainly our activity this weekend kuttt ( weather permitting of course )...

anyone thinking of coming ?...

My brother Bobby and new wife Insya Allah coming end of August..

I have 4 more weeks to go here in paris and then au revoirrrrrrrrr... so pack ur suitcases and get ur arses here !!

salut maintenant..